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Urban Decay

May 7th, 2007

May 7th, 2007
01:28 am
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Yeah, haven't posted in a while
Not sure if this is classed as urban decay. Even so, i think it's valid enough to be posted here.

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02:16 am
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In Oakland, California
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05:47 am
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Once Upon A Time in Hong Kong: Kowloon City
:: Decay ::
Decaying flats in Kowloon City.

Being a fast developing city, Hong Kong is home to one of the most contrasting landscapes in the world. With both the new and old existing harmoniously amidst the development. And of course, the decay is also one of its best features.

* * *
Mention Kowloon, one might associate it with images of billboards lined along the streets of densed and cramped buildings. But that's Mong Kok; a shopping area in Kowloon that covers major roads like Nathan Road, Canton Road and Argyle Street.

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05:09 pm
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Today's Shoot

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Canon 30D
Tiffen Circular Polarizer Filter
Edited in Adobe Lightroom

650 Beacon Street (fire escape behind, 2nd floor)
Boston, MA

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