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Urban Decay

May 31st, 2007

May 31st, 2007
06:07 pm
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Locations in Florida.
Hey guys, as a lurker, I love this community, and the work that I see up. We're currently in the development cycle for a no-budget post-apocalyptic short film, and we'd love it if anyone here could offer some suggestions for locations around Florida. It'd be even better if you could supply some photographs (so we could get an idea of what the sites look like, but that's not necessary).

We're based out of Sarasota, and if everything works out we'll hopefully be able to shoot some time this summer.

I apologize if this post is not in accordance with community rules, and I will take it down if instructed to do so.

That being said, I look forward to your input, and offer thanks in advance.

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07:56 pm
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Secor & Stewart Roads, Letchworth Village (Stony Point/Haverstraw, NY)
There's probably a couple batches of Letchworth pictures in this comm, but considering its imminent demise (Letchworth, not the comm!), the more the merrier. The area is going to be developed into low-income housing soon. Brief, incomplete history.Collapse )

The best part about this location? It's totally allowed for the public to come in and walk around during the day. You aren't supposed to go in the buildings, but obviously it's tough to stop that. Because so many kids come in and out, a lot of the doors are just wide-open.

The facility's synagogue.Collapse )

Dorm buildings.Collapse )

Outside shots.Collapse )

Basement levels.Collapse )

The building closest to the main road... mostly administration and single-occupancy dorms upstairs, medical facilities in the basement.Collapse )

Also: If anyone in the Rockland County area has any reliable information about Letchworth? Please share, yo. The rumors actually unsettled a couple of my friends to the point where they wouldn't check out any of the buildings, which is lame and I'd like to be able to reassure them.

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09:57 pm


ladies and gentlemen,

hudson river pysch is burning down as we speek

this was a beautiful building, this is a huge loss

see my journal for photos, this building was incredible.
the 'safe floors' kirkbride

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