June 16th, 2007

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lots of photos of pretty, but desolated houses.
I want to buy one for 50p and then do it up!

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So...when I grew up in Brentford, South West London. The local park is called Boston Manor, and has a motorway running through, (right through the 'nature walk' infact). Anyway, near the canal there has always been a section where gypsies live (i hope thats the pc word to use). My good friend and neighbour and i were going through the park taking photographs...and we stumbeled upon the gypsies camp. caravans and tables and no people. it looked completly abandoned. anyway, we decided to go epxlore.. but the whole time we were crapping ourselves with fear. we climbed over and snuck about... thn noticed that on the picnic table there was a small glass, with a freshly cut daffodil inside. of course i freaked out, becuase this meant someone must be living here.. and i didnt feel in the mood to get glasses/shouted at/shanked. Toni and I freaked out and started to tiptoe out.. then suddenly this horrendous beast rearer its ugly head at us and we legged it. i actually thought it was ome sort of monster beast! t was just a goat with long fur, and big horns... but still very scary.
Anyway I lost that roll of film, GUTTED, the place was amazing. it also had life size toy skelington hung from a tree! gutted.
I think they are actually building a house there now.. despite it being in the middle of the park/nature walk!

feel free to add my journal. ots of pretty photos of interiors/exteriors