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Urban Decay

July 16th, 2007

July 16th, 2007
02:34 pm


crazy death island state hospital!
more in my journal!

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03:28 pm
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Abandoned Prison Farm

I met up with a couple close friends and some other urban spelunkers yesterday and we set off with cameras in hand to explore the abandoned Atlanta Prison Farm complex.

more Shawshankian creepiness...Collapse )

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03:28 pm
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Detroit, Mi, USA - Old Train Station
Alrighty then! So, here's a few shots of our little foray into the
abandoned train station. If you're from the area and at all into urban
exploration, you've either been there or know where it is. On a side
note, this is the same building Michael Bay has used in The Island and
also Transformers.

Crawl inside and say hi.Collapse )

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