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Urban Decay

July 20th, 2007

July 20th, 2007
01:41 am


Sticky Sweet
I FINALLY got to visit an old abandoned candy factory in a not-so-lovely part of town. It got hot outside and I had somewhere else to be, so I only lasted 3 hours there and saw maybe 25% of the place. Definitely must get back there soon.

Chocolate peanut clusters?Collapse )

And yes, those stairs in the first one were just as nerve-wracking to ascend as they looked from underneath!

For anyone daring enough to wonder what the heck is with photo #3, it's corn syrup spillage on the floor! EIW!

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02:08 pm
[User Picture]


Hi there.
My name is Naná. Somehow I ended up here and I love old, empty and slightly scary/disturbing buildings.

More, and pictures.Collapse )

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11:40 pm


Sticky Sweet - the rest of the set
More from the bowels of this once-glorious place. SO much to see there...so many ACRES to wander! This is the rest of the first set.

You can have the black jelly beans!Collapse )

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