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Urban Decay

August 30th, 2007

August 30th, 2007
03:01 am
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The Old Basement…

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07:20 am
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New to the community
I happened across this group by chance when someone had linked to a photo from it. Quite happy they did as the decline of what we call progress has always fascinated me - visually and otherwise. I have been drooling over many of the photos posted - much drooling to be sure.

These photos are just a few I have taken here in Nashville TN.

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So, howdy, hey and all that.

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06:07 pm
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PRAVDA newspaper editorial house inside

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10:33 pm
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Этот город нарисован спреем на стене!

Баллон с краской, стена и некоторая фантазия — достаточно ли этого для граффити?
(на стенах города)

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