November 30th, 2007


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Hey all! I've been watching this community for awhile now, and it's always great stuff! You guys really make me wish I had the time and courage to do some exploring, but for now I don't, haha.

But I do have something to contribute!

My grandpa was a photographer for the Flint Journal, and the President of the National Press Photographers Association. He died in '82, and my grandma's basement is full of his work. I never met him, so going down there and digging around is the only way I know him. Awhile back I grabbed a random set of negatives and got them printed just for fun, and some of it turned out to be urban decay! I know this is technically breaking the rules of the community, because I didn't take these pictures (and obviously can't get permission to post them), but I hope under these circumstances it'll be okay!

Any image quality issues are due to the fact that they're all scans of prints made off negatives that are at least 40 years old, haha.

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