December 6th, 2007

I'm Old.

Cangahua, Ecuador... and a question.

These are from Cangahua, Ecuador, northeast of Quito.

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And now, a question. My camera has disappeared somewhere in the middle of Utah, so I need a new one. I'm looking for something $250 or less, and also something I can slip into my pocket. So, no SLR's, just some kind of point-and-shoot. What brands and/or models would you all suggest? I've heard good things about Sony and Canon, and my last was an HP which I liked, so that's where I am.

Thanks very much!

Gore Hill Cemetery, Sydney

A few days ago I found the Gore Hill Cemetery in Sydney, Australia. Not hard to find, since it was across the road from my hotel. It is in a dense urban area, but is a quiet oasis. It ceased interments in the mid 1970’s, but most of the graves are much older. Old enough to have been forgotten, and abandoned. And so the whole place is shrouded in ivy, and daisies, and is fading into grey quietude. It’s extraordinarily calm and peaceful, or at least I found it so, but I was also informed that it’s a notorius “beat”. Oh well.

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