February 20th, 2008

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  • tgeller

Seeking UrbEx/Urban Decay photogs for possible book

Hey, gang -- long-time following of the group here. I haven't had seriously pursued photography for years, but love seeing what people are doing.

I'm a writer in San Francisco, and recently did a series of articles about shrinking/crumbling cities for a real-estate site -- The PDF is here. Now I'm thinking of doing a book that highlights great urbex photography next to a narrative about the past, present, and future of these buildings and their surroundings.

So I'm looking for photographers who'd be interested. Of course I could go back through this group's past postings -- and will. But it's more productive to start with a personal relationship than to find good photos and beg their sometimes-unresponsive creators for permissions.

SO: If you're proud of a series of shots you've done in a U.S. city, and would like to see them in a book, tell me the following in the comments. (All comments are screened, unless you tell me it's O.K. to expose them.):

  1. Your name -- real name preferred, pseudonym O.K. for now
  2. Contact info -- email and phone preferred, if possible.
  3. Links to the photos
  4. The U.S. city where the shots were taken
  5. Any other brief information you'd like to give about the property, the area, the city, or the photo circumstances

I'd like to go with existing photos, although there might eventually be assignments to take portraits of city officials and so forth.

This isn't a sure thing: Right now I'm just collecting good-quality material and collaborators. Terms will be determined if my agent can sell this: There will be *some* money, but not a huge amount.