July 7th, 2008

Whitby Psychiatric Asylum (Ontario, Canada)

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sadly, only two of the original buildings remain at the whitby asylum, two houses that were labeled 12 and 22. cottage 12 was an activity rehab center for children, and cottage 22 (14) was an inpatient quarters. 22 (14) was infamous for a guard being strangled to death by an inpatient in one of the bathrooms. "March 13,1933 - Cyril Ethelbert Rich, an attendant at the Ontario Hospital, was strangled to death with his own tie by patient Theodore Jakimcruk in Cottage 14's bathroom late at night. The patient had hallucinations that his victim was giving him electricity in his cocoa every night making his feet and legs burn."
btw, the numbers on the cottages were often wrong, 22 is in actuality building 14, as 22 was a library - and that is already demolished. plus the proximity of th two makes more sense, as they were right next to each other.