October 19th, 2008

Nuzzle :3

Though I havn't been exploring in a while...

Here are some picture I took some time ago and really liked... This was probably one of my more exciting trips. I was still going places alone, the area was COMPLETELY new to me, but what made it so exciting... Once I was inside, I realized there were workers in there! This Mill was in the process of being demolished (perhaps completely gone by now).

Anyway, Fieldcrest was located in Eden, NC. Photos were taken using my Panasonic Lumix FZ-20.

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Abandoned houses in Coventry, UK

These were taken on the spur of the moment with my phone camera so the quality isn't the best. They are in Coventry, UK. I don't know a huge amount about their history but have been told that they have been abandoned for about 3 years. Apparently the smaller house was lived in up until then. The bigger building was the social club for a very large company. Following a series of mergers and takeovers the site is gradually being cleared in preparation for the new company moving to a new site which is under construction.

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