January 6th, 2009


Old Western Washington State Hospital

I am trying to locate a creepy, old, abandoned building somewhere here in Western Washington. There was a post regarding this very thing about a year ago, and that post led me to the old Western Washington hospital. It fits every criteria we're looking for.. but here is where I need your help. I recall a conversation on LJ awhile ago about them tearing it down sometime soon because so many people were going and trespassing on it, does anyone know if they've done that? Google is failing me for the most part, as every entry I can find about it is at least a year old.

What is the status of the Old Western Washington hospital? If you don't know, can you offer another suggestion for a rundown, creepy old building that isn't full of hobos/gangs/other assorted things that will stab me?

Any light you can shed on this would be appreciate. Thanks! :)

ETA: If this is tl;dr I'll summary it: IS THE OLD WESTERN WASHINGTON STATE HOSPITAL TORN DOWN, Y/N (circle one)