January 7th, 2009

Factory Outlet Mall

Near Allen, Texas (75 and 121)

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( ( ( Please note: There was a lot of graffiti here and much of it was quite racist, violent, and hostile. I must confess to being some what nervous while walking around this place. I'd suggest going with a group, if you plan on going at all.) ) )

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For numerous reasons, I'm getting the hell out of Philly. I'll be back in Pittsburgh by the spring. If there are any urban explorers in the Pittsburgh/Cleveland/Erie/Morgantown area, let's look for some abandoned stuff? Also, have you ever seen something and thought, "Yep, that'll be awesome once it's abandoned."? I spoke to some friends back home who've said The Pittsburgh Mill Mall, just built two years ago, is quickly emptying. Maybe it'll be an empty shell by the time I get home.