May 9th, 2009

So this is what I did yesterday....

Every year for the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, two of us do some urban exploring with out of town folks. We generally do some basic scouting missions beforehand. Yesterday was the first. After finding A) The Train Station is wide open (if you're willing to take the risk) B) The Book Depository is locked up tight as a drum with brand new plywood everywhere, C) Most of the older stuff near Downtown is being renovated as part of the Illich family moving in. We then were headed back on some side streets when we found a not-so-old school. Wide open, easy access, covered in pretty recent tags. Here's some photos. The plan is to head back in a couple weeks and explore more. The basement went from the Boiler Room all the way back to where we had parked, almost a block away. We barely even got a look at a few rooms before we ran out of time.

Cut so you don't all bitch about it.
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