February 22nd, 2010

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Abandoned Places - The Lyric Building, Birmingham, AL (July 09)

Abandoned Places – The Lyric Theatre versus The Alabama Theatre (July 09)

Sorry for the delay since the last post. Prep for a business trip to Los Angeles, the actually journey/work and then a week to play catch-up put me behind on more than a few projects.

Like many theatres of the era, The Lyric Theatre had an adjacent office building. The day to day businesses paid the bills while the theatre brought in potential customers and made the businesses look glamorous by association. It was a business model that was supposed to bring in complimentary customers in to both. In the case of The Lyric Building, the businesses soldiered on well after the theatre shut down in the 1930’s and again in the 1950’s. By the 1970’s, many of the businesses in downtown didn’t survive the violence and social upheavals that the Civil Rights movement visited upon Birmingham. In the case of The Lyric Building, the doors closed on much of the building by 1978. The only exceptions to this were two ground floor stores.

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