September 30th, 2012


Urban exploration: Kiev metro

In the Kiev subway many interesting places, about the existence of which, few people know. For example, two unfinished mothballed station part of the existing lines, through which trains pass each day without stopping, and the only system of connecting branches through which is the distillation trains to other metro lines.

Ventilation shaft. Behind is an extract from ventshahny 224. Recently, on the site of ventkioska, decided to build an office and administration building, and the hood built into the facade. Construction work is already underway, and now the building is almost complete in the construction. In early stroitelsva building in the first place was built mine kiosk. According to the new regulations should have built an exhaust hood above the roof of the building. In early stroitlstva stand looked like

The second station is closed in the same line - Telicka. The station is two-span, fine bedding. Construction of the station is also the beginning of 1991, but after a couple of years, it was decided to put the station on the conservation of the same reason - lack of passenger traffic and the presence on the territory of the industrial building. Following the restructuring, many enterprises off the production and passenger sharply lowered. In the near future, near the station, is scheduled Construction of business center. It is quite possible that the opening of the station will be relevant, but still prospects uncertain. Outputs from the station will be located in the center of the platforms. The photographs show zadelypod them. This type of station is very common in the Paris Metro.

There was, in the project, is another station on the same raw-Pechersk line with the project name - Herzen. But it was abandoned during construction. The basis of the task in the construction of the station was unloading passenger traffic at the Kiev Motorcycle Plant. Construction of the well was carried out in heavy 90th, when the plant down its activities, which, in turn, greatly influenced the decline of passenger traffic in the area. The station was built exactly one-third, from where it was dropped, and the place ready reserve, built a combined traction-substation (STF). Now, on the stretch Lukyanivska - Dorogozhychi, you can see two narrow platforms with an emergency exit to the surface.
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The translation was made ​​from Russian into English using Google translator. Translation may contain inaccuracies. Original.