detura (detura) wrote in urban_decay,

abandoned railroad yard, albuquerque, nm

the rumor about a new hole in the fence turned out to be true and we got in:

the railroad yards built in late the1880s have been abandoned for about twenty years
for some mysterious reason (may be because of fairly high security) the inside turned out to be quite clean:

except for a few locomotive parts and a bunch of feathers on the floor

the floor was covered with wood bricks, may be to soak up the spills?

water from a recent thunder storm; the steel thing by the window - a bathroom

a complicated ventilation system allowed to open windows in skylights by pulling chains

a staircase to the third floor

a shot of the elevator from the second floor

second floor

natural light fills the entire building:

the side walls are made completely out of glass:

which makes them quite stunning on the inside:

28,58 КБ

the floor is seriously bulging in some places:
27,36 КБ
emergency shower
31,56 КБ
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