Marianne (nemesis2207) wrote in urban_decay,

Huge abandoned plant in France.

Last Sunday we went to explore the enourmous abandoned plantwe often see from the road. We couldn't get inside the buildings (which is probably dangerous anyway), but we did find a way to walk around the place. Actually, there wasn't even a fence everywhere, so it was pretty easy access. I have no idea what those buildings were for, but it almost looks like a small town in there.

When I saw that, I knew we had to find a way around that fence!!! And we did...

I wonder what that sign was standing for.

The old buildings were so amazing.

All those old buildings are so pretty!

That is just very odd...

Taken through a broken window... there's a lot of good stuff in there! I wonder how long it's been since anyone touched it.

With the citadelle in the background.

It looks like a real artwork, doesn't it?

Taken from another broken window.

I think those reservoirs are beautifully rusty.

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