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Bucharest, Romania

These are from downtown Bucharest, in Romania. These buildings are old, like 100 - 200 years, but they were left to decay. Now there are attempts and talks to get them restored, because they are historical buildings, but actually there's nothing much done. (This is my first post here,. hope I'm not doing anything wrong).

(The sign on the bottom right corner says actually "At The Ruins", but that was for a pub that used to function in there")

(That's an entry to an inner yard, among the buildings. People live in there)

(They've been in this state for so long, trees started to grow in the walls, at the first floor.)

(One of the buildings they started restoring, but they ceased the work on it, for whatever reason. I guess money is that reason)

(And a peek inside)

I have more of this sort, of other buildings like that. If that's ok, I'll make future posts about them.

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