das sich selbst verwertende lyrische etwas (widdertwin) wrote in urban_decay,
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Bleak and bleaker

Here are two more pictures I took with my mobile phone. Sorry about the corny frames I added, but I didn't like the time stamp that showed up in the lower lefthand corner. It kind of killed the "decay" element of the whole thing.

An apartment or office building a few blocks from my university on Amager in Copenhagen, Denmark. It seems to have been abandoned before construction was completed. It was inappropriately located right next to an old folks' home, so every time they looked out their own cell windows, they were treated to the sight of the decay that surely awaits them in the next few years. Ha!

A mausoleam in disrepair in Père-Lachaise Cemetery, Paris. I think the inscription reads "to perpetuity", but that's just a guess. My French ain't shit. I tought it was still pretty cool.

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