Lover. Healer. Fighter. Ink and Angst. (sarahkucera) wrote in urban_decay,
Lover. Healer. Fighter. Ink and Angst.

Trout Lake, scouting shots. Niles, Illinois, USA. Shot 6/18/08.

Great home for hornets.

When I was a little girl there was a stocked trout lake where daddies would take their kids in the summer to catch a real live trout.
I had forgotten about it completely until the other day I was driving past and the overgrown sign winked at me from out of the underbrush.
I stopped to check it out. Just a quick check. Should be easy enough to get back there, but the highway was a "no parking on the highway" sign and the nearest parking is across the busy street and it was rush hour.

The empty parking lot.

Another light on a post.

Thanks for looking.


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