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Beechworth Lunatic Asylum - Victoria, Australia

These photos are of the former Beechworth Lunatic Asylum (later Mayday Hills Hospital and now Latrobe University, Beechworth. It sits in grand gardens, overlooking the gold rush Victorian era town of Beechworth, three hours north of Melbourne.

There are several buildings, most of which have been maintained - these photos are of the older, derelict parts which date from the 1870s. Here is the front of the administration building, now home to a beauty spa.

Here you can see part of the remaining wall - it was called the Ha-Ha Wall and most of it has been taken down, perhaps when it was closed as a hospital in the '70s.

Some more images below the cut

You can see pencil marks scribbled in red, under the window.

One of my favourites: on the left is the exterior wall, the middle would have been a brick wall (now removed) and the white on the right is the interior wall.

You can see the rest of them at my website.
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