that girl (neeeon_afterglo) wrote in urban_decay,
that girl

pittsburgh, pennsylvania

i decided today to go out during lunch and take some photos around pittsburgh in the strip district.
this area of the city used to be full of factories, mills, warehouses.... but most of the old buildings have been turned into little shops, cafes, or lofts. so, though the exteriors may suggest otherwise, most of these buildings are still in use.

smallman street:
is pretty much lined with wholesale distributors, warehouses, and grocery markets.

except here. in this row of buildings are a few night clubs.

wholey's fish market wholesale:

more smallman street:

tom ayoob's. sells a bunch of watermelon. and... stuff

penn avenue: a little less 'urban decay' cause it has more businesses open to the general public. there's always people walking around on this street.

side streets:

the buildings in the back used to be a cork factory. but now they're lofts. and jo jo's is still in business.

and that's all.

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