Hazel (hazeln) wrote in urban_decay,

Abandoned houses in Coventry, UK

These were taken on the spur of the moment with my phone camera so the quality isn't the best. They are in Coventry, UK. I don't know a huge amount about their history but have been told that they have been abandoned for about 3 years. Apparently the smaller house was lived in up until then. The bigger building was the social club for a very large company. Following a series of mergers and takeovers the site is gradually being cleared in preparation for the new company moving to a new site which is under construction.

Front view of the "gatehouse" as I think of it.

Failed attempt at keeping people out

When the house was built

Rear view

A much later addition

The back garden

This was the best my phone could do through a window with hardly any light

Through the open back door. I didn't go in as I was alone.

Through another window

Looking up the driveway towards "the big house"

Rear view

The entrance and evidence of a fire at some time

Through a window near the entrance

I couldn't get back far enough to get the whole frontage in one picture

Looking back down the driveway
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