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Abandoned Places – Huntsville – Oct 08

History still in the making (part 3)

As noted, many rooms were used for storage, only to be long forgotten

The room was full of Dr Pepper (soda) memorabilia

Several nearby rooms were full of lights, fixtures and wiring, wall to wall

Moving upstairs, the 3rd floor has suffered from greater water damage and decay. In the 1950’s, the third floor was where Wernher von Braun’s team designed many US missiles and rockets. In the 1970’s this was where Raytheon, Martin and Brown Engineering teams worked to design the Redstone, Jupiter, Pershing and Nike systems.

On the landing of the third floor stairwell

A balcony and offices stretched around a central planning and design floor

1980’s era seat

It had rained heavily in Huntsville several days prior to this visit and the roof obviously was leaking in

Judging by the rust on some items, it had leaked for some time

Recently though, the owner told me he’d gotten the timbers of the roof replaced and was happy to show me the amazing views from there

Next – Searching the grounds
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