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Abandoned Places – Huntsville – Oct 08

History still in the making (part 4)

As we headed down from the roof of the roof of Lincoln Mill, the owner of the building he asked me for my opinion on roof sealants to use and why. He is planning to restore the building but plans to make it into high end condos and lofts fell through with the slowing economy. Due to his renters and the historical designation by the state of the entire neighborhood, the build pays for itself and he’s not pressed for time to make rapid progress on repairs to the upper floors.

Back on the ground, he took me around the building and point out further historical aspects. This area once extended to the main mills and weaving buildings, but the fire that destroyed those buildings in 1982, damaged the wing and required partial demolition then.

The railroad runs adjacent to this dock

As we approached this section of the building to show off the vaults, he gave me an early Yule present – free and unencumbered access to the building. “Just don’t get hurt.”

After a very brief tour of the vaults (no photos), he opened up one of the old warehouse buildings (I’d photographed through a window before). This is a plastics curing machine.

Into the belly of the beast

1980’s era Jaguar

The roof was in need of major repair in this building

This concluded my first visit to Lincoln. It’s not been the last. I headed out with a plan to return and thoroughly explore the site and the surrounding around much more thoroughly.
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