notholden (notholden) wrote in urban_decay,

Tower Falling

Stopped in October at Tower Automotive in Toronto's west end (158-164 Sterling Rd.) to take a few pix.  The site is undergoing a major transformation - from auto parts manufacturer to, yup, you guessed it, condos and lofts (and apparently a recording studio).  Once a busy place, it ceased operations about two years ago.  The complex is/was an absolute classic example of a twentieth century manufacturing complex.  One that put bread on the table for many a working class family during the heyday of manufacturing in the Junction. Of course, it was also known as Cancer Incorporated and its product line include brake components which meant asbestos for many a year.  Had the opportunity to slip inside a couple of times but I decided to pass because the site seemed unhealthy, rent-a-cops etc.  Anyway, have a look, things are changing by the day.  Photos are not award-winning quality but the light was weak and there was a gritty wind blowing across the site.  Cheers!




Looks like a spider!




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