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Abkhazia. The one you never find on a map.

Have you ever been there? Have you ever seen those cities and villages? Have you ever spoke with people there?

After USSR disappeared many things changed. Abkhazia - they call themselves Apsny Republic - became independent from Georgia - after a bloody national war in 91. It is a very small region and every family there is a part of tragedy. But what happened after - nobody agreed they are free, as they always were before USSR. And nobody helped them. Everybody thought - we better do not think about them. And forgot them.
Welcome to the lost world of Abkhazia.

We start our trip from abandoned railway station in Gagri. Sometime ago in summertime people came there. It was crowded and shiny. Now rare train goes through it in the night without stopping. Like a ghost. And only thing you hear - tu-duh-tu-duh...

Since 1991 many houses were left by people. No tourists come to the region. No buisnessmen invest there. There was nobody to stau at the hotel - everybody was afraid to go to Apsny. There was nobody to work in the hotel - because employees died in the war of 91. So the hotel stays alone and abandoned besides the trees, full of mystery and silence.

This hotel was abandoned too

and this one was not even built. So it stands like a skeleton at the seashore and waits untill someday somebody will come and complete the construction. But nobody did yet.

This church in Pitiund was built in 10th century. In 21th century soviet leaders decided to destroy it. But they were not allowed - and they destroyed all that remined about the belief. They made a concert hall inside. Since that you find no god but only music there.

The house on the left was not finalized. In the one on the right people do live. Some appartments are still free. Do you want to become their neighbour? You can buy one for about something like 3 000 USD. The house between was not built. Nobody needed it.

This bus-shelter is considered as a masterpiece of art. It was built along with many others by famous in russia and worldwide architect - Zurab Tseretelly. Of course many years ago when he built them he was young and unknown. And did not knew that after years no bus will stop and no people will stay there.

Soviet leader Iosif Stalin had a cottage on the shore of the world butiest lakes - Ritsa. The road to cottage is hidden in the deep forest.

The cottage is a museum now. With very few visitors.

Brezhnev used the cottage after Stalin. He was a strange man. One of things he liked - is to take shower n pink bathtub.

The view on the lake from the cottage is exciting

Ancient monastery is under reconstruction. But it goes too slowly because of the lack of money.

we visit the cafeteria before leaving - and taste some local food. Mamaliga with beans - really tasty.

Say "Good bye, Apsny!" and ... "I will come back."

Some more pictures here - http://photofile.ru/users/juzhni_veter/3554055/
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