cantankerous (misledyouth00) wrote in urban_decay,

nyc and cameras

anyone from nyc here? my boyfriend has lived here his entire life and everywhere he knows to go he sez is pretty impossible to get into and i'm getting bored. i'm used to living in upstate new york where it apparently is relatively easier.
if anyone has any tips on where to go, what places are actually easier to get into than expected, etc. or even wants to meet up sometime, please let us know!

also, total noob (to photography!) question but what kind of cameras do most of you use when exploring? i have some crappy nikon now that has horrible zoom and flash -my phone's flash literally is better than this thing's and i'm considering replacing it sometime in the near future.

sorry if this post isn't entirely relevant, guys. but again, if anyone has any suggestions, i'd strongly appreciate it!
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