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Massachusetts Hospitals, Schools, Asylums

 There was nothing in the community info that said you couldn't post questions, so I hope no one minds this! It was also posted in another community, but I'm not sure how many actually go to that one.

I've been living in MA for quite a while now and have always been interested in photography, but wasn't introduced to urban decay photography till a couple months ago when I got my new roommate. She used to urban explore small areas in NH, but now that she's in MA she wants to move onto bigger urban explorations and I'd like to accompany her. So I have a few questions that hopefully one of you can help me out with :) !

Some of the locations we're interested in are:

- Mefield State Hospital (Mefield, MA)
- Taunton State Hospital (Taunton, MA)
- Belchertown State School (Belchertown, MA)
- Cranberry Specialty Hospital (Middleborror, MA)
- Dever State School (Taunton, MA)
- Gaebler State School (Walthma, MA)
- Plymouth County Hospital (Hanson, MA)

Seeing as how this will be my first urban exploration I'd like for it to go as smoothly as possible - meaning I'd like to visit which ever one has the least police patrol and security. I've heard that these hospitals have a lot and that people have even been arrested! I know that if you get caught you're trespassing and breaking an entry, but I mean as long as you're not vandalizing anything I would assume they'd let you go as long as you leave the property, right?

Seem that all of the locations I was told about are demolished, renovated, or there is absolutely no one of getting inside.

So can anyone suggest locations in New England that are still standing and you're able to get into with out too much trouble?

I'm willing to travel :)
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