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People Suck, Do 'Schrooms

San Francisco, CA - U.S.A.

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There is someone who runs around the city
transforming the ends of pipes
into these colorful statements,
street art reminiscent of Smurf villages;
they are no taller than your ankle.

full size & download @ DeviantART

It was during one of the worst periods of my life,
and my black sense of humor caused me to laugh out loud
when I saw this lackluster attempt at graffiti --
created in no more than filthy dust --
with its subtle though coarse message:

Fuck the World
People Suck.

An ironic reflection.
The joke continued
as the owner of the home did not remove the offending message
from their garage door;
for at least a year,
I would pass it on a certain route to work.

I think we've all had those days.
And yet we can feel most alone at those times.
Even in a major metropolis.
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