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So this is what I did yesterday....

Every year for the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, two of us do some urban exploring with out of town folks. We generally do some basic scouting missions beforehand. Yesterday was the first. After finding A) The Train Station is wide open (if you're willing to take the risk) B) The Book Depository is locked up tight as a drum with brand new plywood everywhere, C) Most of the older stuff near Downtown is being renovated as part of the Illich family moving in. We then were headed back on some side streets when we found a not-so-old school. Wide open, easy access, covered in pretty recent tags. Here's some photos. The plan is to head back in a couple weeks and explore more. The basement went from the Boiler Room all the way back to where we had parked, almost a block away. We barely even got a look at a few rooms before we ran out of time.

Cut so you don't all bitch about it.

Remember this wheel....

And then we found the actual boiler room.

Into the basement. We really barely scratched this. Needed headlamps even at 2 in the afternoon.

This giant turbine/fan is able to be turned by the wheel out in front, which is still greased pretty heavily. The next pic is the further behind the fan from the wheel, and just a huge vent. A lot of the pipe look torch-cut by scrappers, but aren't even done in a decent way. A lot was left, though most of the wet walls have been broken open for piping. Even the two street lights across the street look cut from a torch.

We headed upstairs at this point, though never made it up to the third. The tags were awesome. I found out I have a friend, who has a friend, who knows a lot of the local prolific graph artists. I really want to meet METH. The guy's tags are incredible, and he's also the one who does the faces you see here are well. GASM is another one who was well thrown up here (though I was conserving battery life) and he's probably one of the most tagged individuals in Detroit. I've seen his signature all the way north in Rochester, and you can't drive through Detroit without seeing his tags 3 or 4 times, including some very visual things on the backsides of billboards/upper levels of buildings.

This was the old wood/metal shop, probably. The school was closed sometime around 2004-2005 judging by fliers/papers we found. Some of this stuff is just too big to get stolen, so it's kind of a cool mix of old and newer.
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