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chairman maolone

More from the Caucasus

I posted some snaps from Tbilisi here a few weeks ago. Thanks for all the positive comments! As promised, some more from the trip, this time Armenia.

Gyumri is Armenia's second city, and was devastated by an earthquake in 1988 in which thousands of people were killed. It's being painstakingly reconstructed exactly as it was pre-earthquake - a very long slow process - and the many buildings that were destroyed have been left more or less as they were, until their time comes to be rebuilt. Although the town is now back to normal in many ways, it's quite chilling to see the scale of the destruction - the evidence is everywhere.

After the earthquake, people adapted shipping containers to live in. They are still everywhere, and still in use.

The spire of the church of Surp Amenaprkich was toppled and the church was ruined. The chunk of spire in the foreground is about 6ft high and gives a sense of the force of the quake.

There was plenty of good non-earthquake related urban decay to enjoy as well though, including...

a closed-down photography studio...

a well known fast food chain...

and a devil-may-care approach to electricity supply.

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