This is counterculture from the underground. (lafinjack) wrote in urban_decay,
This is counterculture from the underground.

Underneath the colors of the Tent of Tomorrow was the world's largest roadmap. Sponsored by Texaco, this giant facsimile of the Rand McNally map of New York state was composed of large squares of polished Terrazzo. The Map was one of the most popular features of the World's Fair, especially among residents of New York, who"walked the map" looking for their home town. For the 1965 season, many more towns were added to the map at the request of fairgoers who noticed their town missing during the 1964 season.

The layout:


In 1977, sections of the colorful roof began blowing off, due to lack of maintenence. The city Parks Department decided to remove the roof, and workers smashed the panels loose causing them to crash down onto the Terrazzo. This caused much chipping and cracking in the surface, and effectively removed all protection from the elements.

By 1985, the rain and snow had already worn off the surface of the floor. In addition, the plywood sheets below the Terrazzo began to warp, causing the giant tiles to crack:

By 2007, weeds had grown through the cracks, and the lack of support from the long rotted plywood caused the slabs of Terrazzo to crumble:


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