that girl (neeeon_afterglo) wrote in urban_decay,
that girl

Iron City Brewery - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

there was an all night art show last weekend in a building that used to be part of the iron city brewery (they moved to another area) where they make like, iron city beer and i.c. light and stuff... to get from where we parked to the art show, we had to walk past these other abandoned empty buildings of the brewery. when we left around 6am, we decided to sneak under the caution tape and go inside.

the company first moved in here in 1866. although it's only been abandoned for about a year and a half... it was a mess inside, crumbling and falling apart everywhere.

first we went in here:

the giant hole in the side was just recently made. i read it was done without a permit (though the owner agreed to it, the buildings are considered a historic landmark) and was thought to be the easiest way to get all the leftover equipment out.

and then we went in here:

and it looked like this:

there are bigger versions and other photos here:

and here's a 360 degree view of what the second building (the kettle room - where the beer is made) we went in used to look like:


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