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Abandoned places - Gulfport & Long Beach, MS (part 3)

After many delays and a need to re-edit some of the photos, I’m now pleased to offer up the last of my abandoned site photos from the Gulfport and Long Beach, Mississippi area. Well at least from this trip. There will be more trips and photos.

Nestled away off the main roads is a true survivor. This building dates to the 1870s or 1880s. The site has survived multiple hurricanes and is in a state of arrested decay. My friend, guide and model for this trip porcelainmistre is friends with the groundskeeper and has permission to shoot there. Because I want the place to survive, I’m not showing any images from the front of the building or giving the address.

Twisted Doll – My guide bidding me (and you) welcome to the grounds

This once beautiful old home has 16 foot (4.5m) ceilings and is all cedar and oak construction. Built in the manner of many well to do larger family home from the era and region, the house is large and airy. Sometime in the 1920’s, it appears the house was turned into efficiency apartments, as several of the upper floor rooms had sinks and all had outlets for them.

Looking the front door from inside.


Twisted Doll (wide angle – mirror)

Kitchenette - notice that most rooms have no plaster on the walls?

Twisted Doll

Upstairs landing

Old mantle

Front window, downstairs

Parlor – now used for storage

Twisted Doll – (Tight reflection)
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