JJ_MacCrimmon (jj_maccrimmon) wrote in urban_decay,

Abandoned Places – Birmingham, AL (August 10)

Back in August, I headed down to Birmingham for a photo shoot with a local model. The model never showed, but I’m not one to waste a trip. With no particular agenda, I wandered parts of downtown and found a few surprises.

Long time B’ham residents may recognize the profile of this famous building, but I’d ask that you refrain from mentioning it.

Refrain because I happened to find a way in.

As wasn’t fully prepared for exploring a major complex I elected to only recon the ground floor.

As you can see, the back areas of the ground floor have seen better days. While in a state of decay, it’s easy to see where repair efforts started and stopped.

Another reason I only chose to explore the ground floor only was the building seemed to be more active than I’d expected. Notice the “Exit” sign is lit? So was the main lobby and stairwell. There was also a warning beep sounding in a room near me, so I made a cautious retreat. Given the size and scope of this building, I want to go back but only with back-up.

Next – going to church
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