nowhere man (noattentionspan) wrote in urban_decay,
nowhere man

people of houston...

the other day i went to jefferson davis hospital. i took pictures but they suck so i'm not gonna bother to post them here. we got in by hopping the fence of a nearby (also kinda run down) building, running to another fence, climbing through a hole in it and reaching the incinerator building. and from there we could just run to the hospital and get in through a window. the ground floor is still all boarded up so it's very dark; so we just explored the upper floors. i'd like to go back with a flashlight and check out the ground floor as well as the basement (supposedly where all the "activity" is).
for those of you who have been there before, how did you get in? i'm not too good about hopping fences, and actually fell off the first one and banged up my knee. i'd rather not repeat this, but i'm dying to go back. i know a lot of people who have been there (plenty of girls too), so there must be an easy way to get in. or maybe they're just better fence-hoppers than i... so yeah, how'd you get in?
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