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Malmo and Copenhagen

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Not a lot of evident urban decay in Southern Scandinavia. Not much of a tradition of treating sites as disposable – they seem to re-use post-industrial land and even the actual buildings where possible.

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This is from an industrial district in Malmo, southern Sweden. This looked interesting, but I’m not keen on fence-hopping in countries whose languages I’m not fluent with. It could be difficult to explain myself to security/police patrols if apprehended. Nothing puts a downer on your holiday like deportation.

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Thorshavnsgade/Amager Boulevard. A fenced-in site behind the residential Islands Brygge area of Copenhagen, Denmark. Taken a couple of years ago, this may have disappeared. Gentrification was moving pretty quickly locally. It seems to have been railway land, from when tracks crossed from the main Copenhagen goods yard onto the island of Amager.

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