Drawing a Motel (blue_jez) wrote in urban_decay,
Drawing a Motel

Sheffield Victoria Station

I spent yesterday exploring the site of the long since demolished Sheffield Victoria Station yesterday, as well as a wander around the industrial heartland alongside the River Don

The station itself was originally the largest station in Sheffield, and served the Manchester to Sheffield route which also went on to the east coast. However the line was shut when a more cost effective Manchester line was opened, and now the only traffic on the line is steel moving between a foundry and a rolling mill, and a very occasional special service for railway enthusiasts. In recent years there have been discussions on reopening the line but as yet nothing has come of it.

I am not sure of the history of this building but it has stood there for a while and looks very striking

This fireplace appears to be the only part of the interior of the station which still exists, as it was torn down in the 1980's to make way for a hotel extension and car park for the nearby Holiday Inn, which was originally Sheffield Victoria Hotel.

This wall is a fair distance up from the rest of the station, I am not sure whether it ever was just a real wall, or a facade as was popular with station design at some stage in the British history.

More photos from the day: http://jez.fotopic.net/show_collection.php?id=106683

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