Bumblebee Zero (onnawufei) wrote in urban_decay,
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A house

I have absolutely loved this house since the minute I saw it, which wasn't easy considering it's almost completely hidden by trees from the road. Every time I passed it though there was some sort of construction going on, making me very worried that they were tearing it down. Anyway, Todd and I were lucky enough to find it one day w/out anyone there, and we're pretty sure it's just being renovated. Todd made a joke about everything on the inside of the house being on the outside, which was pretty much true if you saw the back porch... which I didn't get a picture of. Color pictures will come as soon as Todd's lazy ass gets his film developed.

Oh hey, I did get a picture of the back porch, it's just too dark to see all the stuff. whoops! ^_^

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