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Partial Decay

These pictures were taken in the past year on Lookout Mountain, in Point Park, and in the flooded Coolidge Park in Chattanooga Tennessee. My highschool was close by this park and all of its athletic facilities were in the Tennessee River, as was much of the park. Other pictures are of the demolition of buildings on my college campus in Danville, KY. there are several pictures here and i'm somewhat new so, they fit my description of urban decay and I hope they fit yours.

A rusty pipe that used to hold chains preventing curious tourists from falling off the mountain.

A Draiage pipe that opens onto the pathway through the park.

The earlier pipe from another angle.

A beat up trashcan among the dying plants.

Old pylons that seem to have been forgotten, they once marked digging that grass is already beginning to cover.

The restoration of downtown Chattanooga and thousands of dollars went underwater as an expensive new park succumbed to the power of nature. that didn't stop curious people from investigating (with animals sometimes) or the park service from trying to clean it up.

This sign jsut amused me. The candidates name nand its setting seemed childlike and desolate.

Construction and...


I like the play of the fresh white snow, the black cat, and the dead plants on the unkempt porch.

These next several pictures are of the basketball court behind the fraternity houses. The frat boys decided to smash hundreds of bottles of all different shapes, sizes, and colors and leave them on the court, while leaving the other one unharmed. a few weeks late and icy rain camthrough and immobilized the broken glass in a centimeter or more of glass, with the following results:

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