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last night we went to medical school....

infiltration: Wayne State School of Medicine - Clinical Research Building, Detroit, MI

(EDIT - more pix and cut for your pleasure - apologies if lj cut isn't working, it isn't working w/ my own lj styles. :(

this shot above is my favorite - the sun setting on the GM deathstar building with the ruins in front. i really want to make a book or get these out somehow. :/

(of course, ***I*** did none of this, it is completely staged and hypothetical; all the information herein was relayed to my by vagrant acquaintance explorer friends of mine of whom i know not their name address or contact info. mmm'k? ;) teehee.)

i don't even know where to begin regarding telling the tale of this most recent adventure - i've gone exploring in a lot of buildings throughout my life, but NEVER EVER EVER have i had the luck to be in quite the right place at the right time like this. atsiluth and i were coming back from getting lunch in greektown and we happened upon what looked like just fucked up construction site, i had the digital in my bag but the battery was pretty run down from taking retarded flash shots at foran's the night before. i had always wondered what that building was, it never really appeared derelict never mind abandoned. looks can be quite deceiving! we got out anyway and were in awe of the hulking metal and bricks strewn about everywhere. just as it was getting good, i ran out of memory and we quickly went back to my loft to load up on compact flash cards. that 6-floor walk up sure as hell seems less painful when you have an immediate goal and a rapidly setting sun...the light was beautiful as it was and i wanted to preserve as much natural light as possible.

so we went back and hopped the sad excuse for a fence once again and i took a shit -ton of pictures. it looked like Beirut...or worse...bricks and twisted steel, broken glass and cast iron objects and pipes that seemed to have no explanation as to what they were really for. i think they had just started the demolition earlier in the day or perhaps the day before, i drive past this every day and definitely would have noticed this.

the pull of what was inside was too tempting and we crawled in over little hills of smashed bricks and found ourselves right inside the structure...of course w/ a dying camera battery and no flashlights...explored a bit and decided it was time to better prepare. went back and got two flashlights, some more appropriate clothing and headed back off.

getting in was simple (as it always seems to be...) leaving was quite a different story, i'll get to that later. actually, i think i am going to get to most of it later and actually get to adjusting photos now and scanning some of the collected ephemera. i could devote pages and pages and pages to this...

i want to properly document it but i can't really find the words to describe it all. i am not new to this, but what we saw in there trumped by far anything i had EVER explored before. (though my rampant disregard for safety procedures may as well have labeled me the most green little newb in the world...oh well...i will just thank the gods or whomever ...and i did probably take a few years off my lungs...)

now i do have ethics and want to leave everything as i see it, just a few scraps of paper souvenirs here and there and a lot of pictures and a lot of memories. i think this was a different case as it is coming down. now. it is all going to be a pulverized heap in the next few days. typewriters..desks..chalkboards...20th century modern chairs...that is where it starts...all strewn about in the rubble already....then the upper floors, CLINICAL RESEARCH LABORATORY = scary scary shit! (i think it is also a little nice code word for "animal testing laboratory.") there were cages of all sizes everywhere, banks of them, older and newer, lined the walls, stacked on the floor...a large running wheel that rather than a hamster, looked like it was for a raccoon (all this was really fucking disturbing, mind you)...metering and measuring devices of electrotorture...unopened syringes, lab glass, beakers and things to poke prod and inject...there was also HUGE equipment - mass spectrometers (!!!) , centrifuges (!!!) ekg machines and other monitoring devices all far too heavy to run out with. piles and piles of books and experiment data dating back tot he 1940's....hand-drawn rat-body diagrams...

this was some kind of cage contraption. it is all scratched from the inside out. whatever creature was in there at some point sure didn't want to be.

it looked like the majority of the experimentation was in nuclear medicine and radiation - the rest was all on some kind of dust inhalation and what it does to these test animals after certain exposure increments. i grabbed a big warning sign that said "CANCER HAZARD." (um...gulp) there was plastic sheeting everywhere and asbestos clean-up warnings. not to mention a healthy dose of black mold crawling up the walls and mountains of pigeon shit. yummy. we were stupid. no masks. i have quite an irksome cough today no doubt.

i scored a ton of forms that were called "Record of Usage of Isotopes On Hand - complete all these items and forward to health-physics radiation control"..."RADIOISOTOPE REQUISITION" .. stacks of those...a first edition book called "The Atom at Work" (1951) with the first illustration being a photo of a huge mushroom cloud from Bikini Atoll. also found some great technology brochures like "What every Nuclear Specialist Should Know About Closed Circuit Television." all 50's splendor...publications from the atomic energy commission....united states atomic energy commission....instructions for "sacrificing" of animals...i am just now reading through some of this...they were testing on dogs up there. fuck. AND WE WERE PILFERING THROUH :) but it sure was fun...deathwish much?

i grabbed a new (still in the packaging) big stretchy black rubber hoses and mask that were to gas the animals. it was my prize find and unfortunately it got left behind when we saw the cop car sitting out there and we were hiding for a good 20 minutes behind some piece of machinery. i think the cop car was purely coincidental and just there for Greektown idiots...but i was still shittin' kittens.

back tonight? we shall see.....
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