i am nothing (buddhax) wrote in urban_decay,
i am nothing

Detroit, MI: Renaissance City

This series of images was taken in the summer of 2003 along the water front on Detroit, MI along Jefferson. Just North of the downtown area, in fact you can clearly see the Renaissance center from this location.

There are two main buildings involved here. One I don't know what it was used for, originally, that is. It would appear back in the day when the building was freshly abandoned it was used for a chopshop. The other used to be called the Global Trading Company and had a water front access with a shipyard in the front. Other then that, there is 'The Weed Spot', and the 'Dirty Car is a Dirty Shame' carwash.

I shot pictures till my camera's batteries died, unforunately just as we were going up the stairs to the roof. On the way down we were greeted by several guff looking men and their cases of beer. I'm sure they were wondering what the hell we were doing, but they didn't bother us at all. They just politely nodded.

Further down the road there is a sign on the way into Detroit that says: "Welcome to Detroit, the Renaissance City". It's particularly ironic since you have to travel past all of this above, and more to get to the nearly vaccant downtown area. The reality is that Detroit is due for a rebirth and it has already started happening, but currently there is an artistic and ironic blight on the city that just can't be ignored by the camera.


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