Jonathan "Moonwick" Bishop (moonwick) wrote in urban_decay,
Jonathan "Moonwick" Bishop

Thoureau would be Thrilled.

As near as I can tell, "Walden Park" is a subdivision on the Northwest side of Austin, TX that never (well, until recently) caught on. Now it's starting to see a burst of activity as suburbia approaches with its overpasses and Wal-Marts. It doesn't really fall under urban_decay or rural_ruin, but hopefully it's still appropriate.

The sign (which is what originally caught my eye) is overrun with weeds and brush.

Oh, yeah. That's starting to decay.

You can see the Wal-Mart right across the intersection.

The support structure for the overpass about to come through here.

This tree sensed the impending doom, and promptly shuffled off this mortal coil.

This tree hasn't quite caught on yet.

Check out all that scenic litter.

Fortuntately for him this guy's property values are likely to go up soon. Unfortunately for him they'll go even higher once that house is torn down.

Don't mind me. Just being creative.
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