Nobody you know (the_phred) wrote in urban_decay,
Nobody you know

A procedural post, since one is obviously needed.

It will doubtless surprise many of you that there are, in fact, rules governing this community. They're on the bio page. Some of them are enforced, some of them aren't, but it is in your interest, and those of your readers, to abide by them.

A quick recap for those of you who don't have the time to read the full version:

1. This is a community for photographs of urban decay. Other artworks are acceptable, providing they fit the theme. The artistic merit of the photograph is irrelevant, although giving some thought to the composition of the image where possible is always appreciated. The definition of "urban" itself can be contentious: as a general guide, anywhere within a built-up area fits the bill.

2. Any image wider than 600 pixels MUST be placed behind an LJ cut. If you aren't certain how to use the cut command, follow this link.

3. Give a description of where the photo was taken and what it is. This is the most blatantly ignored rule, and pointlessly: I guarantee if you get any comment at all, it will be somebody asking where the photo was taken. This is a journal of record. Posting an anonymous photo is pointless, and frustrating for the rest of us. Also, don't assume everyone reading this lives down your street: please include the country if it's not likely to be obvious to the average foreigner.

Additionally, identifying the location may at times help to fend off accusations that the site in question is not urban, if it's not immediately apparent.

4. Don't use other people's images without permission and credit. Unauthorised use or theft of other people's images will be referred to the LiveJournal Abuse Team for investigation and further action.

5. Posting links that are appropriate to the theme of urban_decay is perfectly acceptable. Posting irrelevant links will get you banned as soon as I see it, as notyourself has just discovered.

It's not possible for me to spend all day monitoring this community, but I check it at least morning and evening, eastern Australian time, with few exceptions. Posts that breach rules 1 and 5 will be deleted when I see them. Those that are obnoxiously over-width will henceforth receive a request through the comments to place the image behind a cut. [If I see a flame war in the comments involving the poster refusing to do so, the post will be deleted.]

Posts that breach rule 4 must be left up in order to provide evidence for the LJ Abuse Team. If you see that someone has stolen your work, or has posted work that you know not to be theirs, please do NOT attack the poster through the comments: contact the LiveJournal Abuse Team.

Having said all that, I would also like to offer my grateful appreciation to those members of this community who have always followed the rules.
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