Karen (sierra) wrote in urban_decay,

An Abandoned Mall in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Here are some pictures of an abandoned mall in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Just a random picture of the mall

Entrance to the Food Court

Old Goodyear Store, which wasn't attached to the mall

Old Bank

Old Car Wash

Another Entrance

Fort Wayne, Indiana used to have two malls: Glenbrook and Southtown. Glenbrook was the mall up north, and it was nicer and bigger. (At one time, it was the largest mall in Indiana.) Southtown was smaller, and in the south part of town. (Well duh!) Southtown was also close to the part of town that has a bad reputation.

Southtown was built in the late 60s, and had a lot of stores in the 80s and early 90s. In 1993, I remember a lot of stores were still there.

However, around 1994, the mall started to decline (or maybe it was 1993, though I didn't see it at the time.) Two of the four major department stores, JcPenney's and LS Ayres, left around then, or the next year. Then eventually, more and more stores left. Finally, by the end of the 90s, only Sears, Subway, and a couple of small shops remained. Sears left in 2001, and the mall was officially dead, though for many years, everyone knew it was going to die.

I heard the mall will be bulldozed, and Menard's (a Midwestern Home Improvement Chain like Home Depot or Lowe's) is interested in building there.
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