Space Chief (thatdog) wrote in urban_decay,
Space Chief

An (almost) Abandoned Mall in Fort Worth, Texas

Most downtown shopping malls across the country are dying and the Fort Worth Outlet Square is no exception.

The mall was built by the Tandy Corporation (now Radio Shack) in 1974 and has never been very popular. It is connected to their headquarters and survived into the early 2000's by providing parking and a food court for their numerous employees. Radio Shack is now building a new campus-style headquarters and the mall is slated for demolition once they move out.

Radio Shack, a florist, and a few odd drug stores are all that remain.

The mall's "anchor" store is this Radio Shack store used mostly for employee training. Actual customers are a rare sight here.

There is no more ice skating in downtown Fort Worth. The insurance costs were too much for Radio Shack and the rink was converted into a "meeting space".

The mall's most unique feature was the subway to the parking lot. The last train departed here in August 2002 and with it went the mall's only hope for commercial recovery.

The tunnel is now filled in and ends abruptly on the other side of this portal. What was once the other end is now under the construction site of the new Radio Shack campus being built on the former parking lot.

I have many photos of the subway in operation here if you're interested.

Sorry, I just couldn't help myself. :p
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