T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote in urban_decay,
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Derby, take 3.

I've posted this building before.  It's an abandoned mill on Searl Street, right next to my current halls of residence.

It's a little blurred, but there's a decapitated pigeon hanging from the roof, caught up in a couple of cords coming down from the ceiling.  I think its head was on the floor somewhere.  I probably could've gotten inside to have a look, but I'm not brave enough.

(No, that's not me.  It's last_dance...)

One more selection of photos to come from Derby.  The reason for this sudden abundance is that I'm leaving the city forever on Saturday and went around in a mad rush on Sunday to get all the pictures I wanted.  I've been here four years, I'm just too damned lazy to get off my arse and take photos...
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