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The Burned House

15 more inside:

There is a house a short distance from me that caught fire earlier this last year. As I was driving home, the flames were towering above it by a good 15 feet, having burned open the back of the house. Apparently it's been sold recently, along with several decaying buildings on the same plot (an old auto shop of some sort, another house, an auto garage), and is currently being torn down slowly but steadily.

I kept meaning to get down there to get some photos, and it's only now when it's about to be destroyed, that I'm finding the time. None of the shots of the back came out very well, so I'm going to head down there again sometime later this week to try and get a picture of the exposed and blackened beams.

At any rate, here is the stuff I managed to get that came out decent enough. Anything that doesn't have metal fencing in the shot, is because I was pressed up against said fence to get it, not trespassing as the signs warn against.

First time posting here, so feedback is definitely appreciated! Go ahead and use them if you want, but give me credit for the base images, okay?

Look hard and you'll see the back of the house, the dark space being where the fire burned out the wall.

This surrounded most of the yard, making getting decent photos very hard:

This is a shot with the contrast bumped up, mainly so you can see the hole at the top of the house. When I drove past, they were putting the fire out, but this is the one spot on the front where flames were gushing out of. The windows have long since been broken, either by neighborhood children or by the destruction crew.

Same shot, normal contrast:

A lone worker's helmet alongside the open doors of the shop:

The propped open door of one of the shop entrances.:

One of the many piles of degraded auto parts and assorted crap inside the main auto garage:

A shot of the auto garage shop. Note the 2x4's over the windows:

Pull up parking at the old shop:

A peak into the yard of the shop:

A contrasted image taken from the front - left, side of the house:

Same image, no contrast modification:

Slightly different image from the side:

They've brought in the giant claw to start moving scrap around, and to tear into the smaller buildings. Not much longer till they start using it and filling up that bin. Shop garage pictured to the right:

And finally, a shot of the open doorway, looking into the burned and condemned house:

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